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The story of oxygen and yoga begin to pop up in my mind in early 2013. Its related with one accident happened in my life. Allow me to share that incident with you which inspire me to start OXYGEN-YOGA. In the beginning of 2013, one evening I finished my all day classes. The last class was hot yoga. The moment I finished shower I started feeling exhausted and very tired. As I felt that I asked other teachers and student sharing the rest room. They also felt the same way and we discussed may be its very hot today so we are feeling exhausted. I left the rest room area and took stairs down to the reception area, but I couldn’t dare to take the elevator. I felt dizzy and a little breathlessness. So I sat down for a while to the couch. After a while I decided to take the elevator and go home. My apartment was 10 minutes walking distance from the yoga center. I went down and started walking with a very small steps, I felt my legs were not taking my command, I felt breathlessness and inflammation to the chest. But somehow I arrived near to my home and felt I couldn’t move my legs anymore, so I started talking to myself- Nilesh you can reach your home, you have to be strong. Mean-while I was thinking why suddenly it’s happening to me. I started thinking perhaps I skipped my lunch today so I had a formation of air to my stomach and perhaps the air moved up towards my chest and heart region making me feel like suffocated. At this moment I saw the green light turned red along the street. Now I couldn’t bear to stand and sat down on the street for a while waiting for the green light. Somehow I reached to my apartment and it took long time as compared to the normal time to arrive at home.
It’s a bit funny that I started doing inversion postures for next 20 minutes. The purpose to do so is to release the air. Simultaneously I had to take deep breathing till the last brim of my lungs and had to breathing intentionally, the breath was not coming to me spontaneously. So I had to take very deep breath. I started feeling a bit better now so I decided to eat my dinner till full stomach so there was no chance left for the air into my stomach. During that period of time, I was writing the script of my book. I started working on my notebook. I was still not feeling so normal but to engage my mind I started writing my book. After 30 mins one other teacher who shared the rest room with me at that time, came and informed me the real reason for the sickness. He said for some reason the air in thatarea, where we stayed was polluted with carbon-monoxide and he along with other students in the rest room became senseless. So ambulance came and took all of them to the hospitals. That night I decided to admit to the near-by hospital. After entering to the hospital premises, I witnessed many students also admitted there and they all were using masks and breathing. Doctors suggested me to take oxygen throughout the night to cleanse my lungs and to purify the blood. Once they placed the mask, oxygen started flowing. I felt like oh my god . The feeling of breathing oxygen was like a cool breeze and so fresh. The whole night I was thinking how about if I use oxygen and create a new healthy yoga system. Next morning I consulted one of the doctors to know about the health benefits of oxygen and finally I made up my mind that one day if I have any opportunity I will introduce yoga with oxygen.
Last one year our team has done a lot of research about oxygen and yoga. We have done experiment of yoga in the environment of increased oxygen level. And let me tell you the feeling was FANTASTIC. In oxygen yoga studios we don’t use the condensed oxygen instead the level of oxygen is around 23 percent. This level is controlled by the oxygen machines. This degree of oxygen concentration is having a great advantage on your health even you just sit down and do nothing. Practicing yoga with increased oxygen and with fresh air perhaps multiply the benefits in many folds. In Hindu culture and in India, we usually suggest the best time of practicing yoga in the early morning time and in open space. The reason behind to say so is that after a quite night and in the early morning the air is fresh and less polluted. We focus more on breathing as we practice yoga. Breath is life.
Introducing a new trend of healthy, fresh and pure practice of yoga in the presence of higher concentration of Oxygen (Life) as compared to the normal environment. We are glad to share this new technique first time in Taiwan and perhaps in the world. You will feel your precious PURE BREATH with. Our courses and classes are combination of Traditional Yogic + Science + Modern Science to help you have a pure and healthy body, stress free mind, joy and Positive energy.

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