AAyush Yoga

AAYUSH YOGA is a branch under the patronage of  YOGA GURUKUL COMPANY LIMITED, TAIWAN. YGCL was established in the year of 2015 under the norms of company act of Taiwan government. We are also registered as a school of world yoga alliance for 200/500 hours yoga teacher training courses.
Our objective is to develop a system to cater to the humanity a healthy body and mind. Our yoga system not only focused on physical training but also emphasizes to learn self-control, development of character, integral development of personality, propagation of purity, preservation of knowledge and culture.
In Gurukul yoga system of learning the students(shishyas) receive knowledge in all aspects of yoga. They achieve a practical and in depth look into subject. We care to preserves the physical, mental and spiritualwell- being of the disciple. There are many advantages of learning yoga in this pure and clean environment.
AAYUSH YOGA provides the practice of traditional Indian yoga according to need of the modern life. We provide the platform and an environment to practice yoga in an interactive way with full awareness and joy.