OXY-Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga helps to alleviate many of the common problems of pregnancy. It improves circulation, which helps prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, leg cramps, and swelling of the ankles. It also prevents back pain by strengthening the muscles that support the back.

Pregnancy often leaves women feeling less energetic, but regular yoga practice and exercise can give her more energy and freshness.

Let’s talk about the breathing for a mother and baby-

During pregnancy, a mother and a baby need more oxygen.  Actually, many people think that the oxygen is just for the baby, but actually, at least half the extra oxygen the mother is taking in is for the placenta.  Certainly, also during pregnancy, the mother’s basic metabolism just gets higher.  During pregnancy, mothers do breathe more.  They in fact breathe more deeply.  They don’t breathe more often, more frequently, just more deeply. 

Actually, strangely enough, despite taking up extra oxygen in her blood, mothers in pregnancy often feel breathless and that’s one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, is breathlessness strangely enough.

So during pregnancy, mothers will feel more breathless that even though they’re taking up more oxygen, and letting out more carbon dioxide, they do this in part by movement of the diaphragm.  Of course, as the pregnancy gets larger, she would expect there to be less movement in the diaphragm.  The extra oxygen passes through the placenta, is taken up by the placenta, but also by the baby and it transfers quickly over to the baby’s side because the hemoglobin – that is the red cells actually in the baby’s circulation- picks up oxygen much more easily than our own hemoglobin would do.  It binds that oxygen and it releases it into the baby’s circulation.

Proponents of this oxygen “therapy” say it boosts energy levels, increases your endurance during yoga practice, helps you bounce back more quickly from physical exertion, provides relief from stress and pollution, increases your concentration, helps you relax, and eases headaches. You must try our Oxygen yoga for Pregnancy this Sunday to feel the difference and ease, to provide more health and more oxygen to your baby.


Many world class big companies employ the increased oxygen flow into the meeting board room and conference rooms to keep everyone feel fresh, energetic and focused. The oxygen in the room help to release the fatigue and tiredness and the people in the meeting don’t feel sleepy or lazy. The breathing of enhanced oxygen keeps them fresh and active.

AAYUSH YOGA offers exciting office yoga classes. If your office or your company wants to have oxy yoga classes we are glad to have you as our valued clients. We offer our services in two ways-

  1. You can book our oxy-studio for your office employees/staffs. Our expert teachers are available to teach classes. We can design classes according to your needs keeping view of their flexibility and strength.
  1. If you want to establish your own oxy-yoga studio in your office premises, we will be happy to help you for this purpose. Our technical team and experts will not only guide you to establish your oxygen yoga studio but also our trained professional teachers are available to teach all oxy yoga classes to your corporate/office employees.

We warmly welcome you to experience your first OXYGEN YOGA classes in AAYUSH YOGA.



Aging is a natural phenomenon of our life, but there are ways to look younger, lean and healthy. Our Oxy anti-aging class helps to cleanse the body from inside. This class is so designed with cleansing practices along with a unique series of postures and breathing to refresh the skin cells to make it toned, vibrant and glow. The increased level of oxygen flows into the studio will eventually moves into the body through the series of postures. The practitioners have a privilege to practice breathing with higher oxygen available in the studio. This process of breathing is called OXY-BREATHING. In OXY-ANTI-AGINGproper oxygen breathing leads to the reduction of water retention and changes in skin (6).

The practitioner becomes radiant and glowing after a 20 minute Pranayama (breathing Exercise) for 3 sessions. Much of this radiance and freshness is due to more efficient elimination of toxins and waste plus increased blood flow and oxygen rich blood to the face.

This class is a great help where the oxygenated bloodstream is bound to flow towards the upper body, face and the brain. This anti-aging class is also targeted to improve sleep quality, concentration, headache, breathlessness, grace and shine of the face skin. The practice of Internal cleansing method ‘ JALA-NETI” in this class helps to flush out the toxin and clear the blockages around the nasal cavity to let you feel light and glow. In a very short span of time you can feel your skin and body is being revitalizing and refreshing. The practice of series of specific postures designed to train your body leads to make you feel lean, slim and fit.


When you lose weight, where does it go?

The body stores the excess protein or carbs in a person’s diet in form of Fat, specifically, as triglyceride molecules, which consist of just three kinds of atoms: carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. For people to lose weight, their triglycerides must break up into building blocks, which happens in a process known as oxidation. Here comes the role of the oxygen to burn fat rapidly.

When a triglyceride is oxidized (or “burned up”), the process consumes many molecules of oxygen while producing carbon dioxide (CO2) and water (H2O) as waste products.

To burn 10 kilograms (22 lbs.) of fat, a person needs to inhale 29 kg (64 lbs.) of oxygen. And the chemical process of burning that fat will produce 28 kg (62 lbs.) of carbon dioxide and 11 kg (24 lbs.) of water, the researchers calculated.

During weight loss, 84 percent of the fat that is lost turns into carbon dioxide and leaves the body through the lungs, whereas the remaining 16 percent becomes water, according to  medical journal BMJ.

By practicing various breathing techniques in yoga, people can learn how to exhale more carbon dioxide from the lungs and inhale enough oxygen to accelerate the process of oxidation of the fat.

The results show that the lungs are the primary excretory organ for weight loss. The water formed may be excreted in the urine, feces, sweat, breath, tears or other bodily fluids, and is readily replenished,

The calculations also show the frightening power of, for example, a small muffin over an hour of exercise: At rest, a person who weighs 154 pounds (70 kg) exhales just 8.9 mg of carbon with each breath. Even after an entire day, if this person only sits, sleeps, and does light activities, he or she exhales about 200 grams of carbon, the researchers calculated.

A 100g muffin can cover 20 percent of what was lost.

On the other hand, replacing one hour of rest with exercise such as jogging, removes an additional 40 g of carbon from the body, the researchers said.

The fates of all the atoms in the body, the secret to weight loss remains the same: In order to lose weight, one needs to either eat less carbon or exercise more to remove carbon from the body. 

None of this biochemistry is new, but for unknown reasons it seems nobody has thought of performing these calculations before,” study authors Ruben Meerman and Andrew Brown of the University of New South Wales in Australia, said. “The quantities make perfect sense but we were surprised by the numbers that popped out.”~The article is inspired by livescience.

Losing weight is a fact that most of the people want to achieve. Our different level of classes, especially with oxygen helps to reduce extra weight and shed extra pounds. Our OXY WEIGHT LOSS class helps to tone and firm your body. You will start the Aerobic breathing in a very short time in oxy-yoga studio. There are many benefits of Aerobic Breathing.  Optimal breathing can be a wonderful practice helping People to relax and reduce stress, sleep better as well as losing weight. Most of the people have habit of shallow breathing for so long that they are not aware of how to breathe to receive maximum benefits from each breath. Once we re-learn how to breathe correctly we can use the breath for a greater healthy life.

Your yoga teacher will guide you how to practice breathing properly with different techniques of PRANAYAMA (BREATHING PRACTICES) using full capacity of lungs. The Yogic breathing practices will help you to receive more oxygen into bloodstream as in our studio the Oxygen level is much higher than the normal environment. With this specially designed class practitioners soon can feel the improved cardiac activity and circulation becomes higher ensures optimum receiving of the provided oxygen to reach to each and every cells.

Aerobic breathing means to get enough oxygen into the bloodstream to convert to fuel to burn fat(5).

If People jump up and down, or run long enough, at least 20 minutes, they will breathe hard enough to receive the optimum oxygen flowing into the bloodstream.

In OXY-WEIGHT LOSS class this process starts with in few minutes. Practicing various breathing practices and specially designed yoga classes in this environment multiply the benefits and practitioners have unique feeling of burning fat faster. Well it is advised to have a proper diet, rest and a healthy life style to get the desired results. Choosing a proper food and diet is very important to maintain a good health and fitness.

Our sedentary life style and eating habit is also responsible for oxygen deficiency. Junk and highly cooked foods deplete oxygen stores from the body (4). They may be called unhealthy foods as they use up more oxygen then they give off. Processed sugar, white flour, hamburgers, French fries and pizza and many others, are major oxygen users. To maintain a good health you need to leave the habit to eat junk food which absorbs your oxygen from your body. Healthy fresh and oxygenated foods are the best option for a good health. The yoga teachers of Aayush yoga will also help you to guide for appropriate diet according to your body, need and requirement.

OXY-WEIGHT LOSS class is a dynamic practice of breathing and yoga postures including pilates movements to tone and firm your body, improving the core power and build up the strength. Variation of Stretching and twisting postures in this class helps to release the toxins as well. Since oxygen is known to balance and improve the metabolic system, this class has a greater effect to accelerate the process of reducing weight.

If you are looking for serious weight loss, then you can also try our wide range of different classes to achieve your target. You need to practice over a period of time under the supervision of our expert yoga teachers. Our teachers will also guide you the discipline of food and nutrition and ideal life style to lose weight effectively.


This class allows you to discover how to approach inversions with ease, grace, and power with Oxygen. You will learn tricks for kicking up to the wall, balancing without the wall, opening your shoulders, boosting your confidence, and connecting to your playful spirit. This will help you to explore the science and psychology of inversions (from basic to medium level) so you can approach them with greater mindfulness and ease. Some of the benefits of this class are multiplied as the system carries the more fresh oxygen to the upper part of the body (e.g.- head, face, chest, arms etc.). Some of the yogic benefit of this class are:


Inversions strengthen the arms, legs, back and core abdominal muscles.


Going against gravity helps venous return (the de-oxygenated blood going through your veins back to the   heart). Venous return relies on muscular movement and gravity to move the blood.  Inversions (and aerobics) give it a helping hand, improving circulation. At the same time you are also helping the flow of oxygenated blood to the brain, sensory organs and the face

Lymph flow

We can think of the lymphatic system as the sewage system of the body. Lymph picks up toxins, excess proteins and bacteria and carries them to the lymph nodes to be eliminated. Like with venous return our bodies rely on gravity and muscular action to move the lymph so inversions can help us to flush the system.

Nervous system

Inversions also have an effect on the nervous system. Headstand and Handstand are energizing: stimulating the nervous system and creating heat in the body.


Oxygen and yoga practice together believes to improve the nervous system and specially the memory power.

We are introducing OXY-KIDS class for the kids and teenager ranging from 4years- 12 years to enhance more concentration and to develop skills. This class is a very basic yoga class with music and fun. It’s designed in a very playful manner to create interest among the children while they practicing. The postures and breathing practices are designed in keeping view of their basic need and health.

Oxygen provides life and energy to every cell. When there is insufficient oxygen to support a healthy cell, the cell turns to another source of energy. It upsets the metabolism and causes the manufacture of improper chemicals. Soon the cells become unhealthy and lose their natural immunity. They are open to invasion by viruses, bacteria and various other health problems.

Oxygen is not only a life giver itis also a killer of harmful anaerobic infectious bacteria. These bacteria cannot grow or survive where there are high levels of oxygen. Oxygen kills the harmful bacteria without destroying the aerobic or beneficial bacteria, which are essential for good health. Our modern sedentary life-styles prevent most of us from processing enough oxygen, resulting in a bloodstream depleted of oxygen. Poor eating and drinking habits, air pollution and lack of exercise deprive the cells of oxygen and weaken the immune system.

Our kids also very importantly need to improve the immune power to protect from common diseases. This special class for kids and teenagers help them to improve their immune system to fight with the frequently changing weather and pollution. When the kids practice this class in the oxygen yoga studio, they will be provided the fresh increased oxygen to breath.


Stretching is always good after a tiring day to relax and refresh your body and mind. OXY-STRETCH will definitely provide you a new, fresh feeling after a long tiring working day. This class is for beginners and medium level of practitioners. Yoga-stretch with oxygen makes you feel fresh and energetic along with improving over-all flexibility. The wall stretch in this class allows you to learn the skills for new postures and take you to a new level of practice. Stretching doesn’t mean always to the length of the stretch of certain organs, instead this class is focusing on stretching of legs, arms, back bending, front bending and over all practice of your whole body. Various stretching poses and well-designed sequence of this class will help to improve circulation into the whole body. This class is also a great help to improve the immune power.

Oxygen provides life and energy to every cell. When there is insufficient oxygen to support a healthy cell, the cell turns to another source of energy. It upsets the metabolism and causes the manufacture of improper chemicals. Soon the cells become unhealthy and lose their natural immunity. They are open to invasion by viruses, bacteria and various other health problems such as cancers, seizures, nerve deterioration, and many more.

Oxygen is not only a life giver it is also a killer of harmful anaerobic infectious bacteria. These bacteria cannot grow or survive where there are high levels of oxygen. Oxygen kills the harmful bacteria without destroying the aerobic or beneficial bacteria, which are essential for good health.

Our modern sedentary life-styles prevent most of us from processing enough oxygen, resulting in a bloodstream depleted of oxygen. Poor eating and drinking habits, air pollution and lack of exercise deprive the cells of oxygen and weaken the immune system. Hypoxia (lack of oxygen in tissues) can lead to a number of degenerative illnesses, such as circulatory problems, digestive disorders etc. In OXY-YOGA the oxy-stretch class is a unique session where the main focus is to use optimum increased oxygen available in the studio.


If you are an early bird person, please do join this session full of freshness of pure air and yoga. Before you go to your office refresh yourself with this exciting session and be energetic through- out the day. It’s a morning and evening session equipped with breathing practices, stretching postures, twisting, mild balancing, basic forward and backward bending poses. The sequence is so smooth and comfortable to practice in the morning time with the fresh oxygen to make your day. If you finished your office after a long tiring day and feel exhausted you must join this class to revitalize your energy and get some fresh air and oxygen.
This class is a pollution-fighter and it will filter your breath and lungs with fresh air and oxygen. Most of the office people may get the less amount of oxygen inside the room and it is also well known that in an A.C room with four-five people breathing is having lesser oxygen as compared to the ventilated room.
It is well observed that nowadays the big cities are mostly polluted. The air pollution has become a major concern. It has a bad effect on children and the elderly as well.
“Smog kills perhaps partly because pollutant particles are so deeply deposited in our airways,” says Anthony Wexler, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Delaware.
“As people breathe,” Wexler further explains, “a clump of fine particles called a bolus will rapidly disperse throughout the lungs. At the terminal alveoli – little sacks at the end of each respiratory branch, where oxygen and carbon dioxide trade places with blood – these particles take up water and expand, much like a sponge, because of hydroscopic effects.

Yogis, Researcher’s and scholars suggest strongly that people should develop or initiate some way out to protect from the damage from pollution and give themselves more energy and clarity to make sure that pollution goes away and stays away.
Breathing optimally may help people to cleanse their lungs from pollution and Practicing breathing (Pranayama) and yoga with the higher level of oxygen available and in a clean environment may help to rejuvenate the whole system.


OXY- VINYASA   class is for those who want to have a little more workout kind of yoga practice. In the presence of the increased level of oxygen, this flow makes you feel miracle. As the move through the different phase of vinyasa practice, changing in your breath pattern allows the body to absorb more oxygen through aerobic breathing, which leads fresh oxygen to enter into your blood streams faster. Practicing different variations of the poses along with the flow ensures rapid enrichment of the organ health.

As the concept of vinyasa practice is very popular among the yoga practitioners and you can find many classes of vinyasa around you. in OXY – YOGA studio you will practice this class in a pure environment with fresh increased oxygen.  Try this class to feel yourself stronger, powerful and full of vibrant energy. Fill yourself with full of freshness and power.


Cardio yoga is a favorite class for many of the yoga practitioners. Practicing a series of movements and postures in cardio yoga immediately raises the cardio activity to pump the blood to all over the body. You will start a quick aerobic breathing which is very effective to burn fat and high cholesterol. If you want to reduce your weight, you can choose this class in your yoga menu. OXY- CARDIO is a very effective class for a great workout. Your heart pumps faster to flush the oxygenated blood to the remote organs and cells. It also may help to clear the blockages of the arteries and veins.
Many heart problems are resulting from the hard working heart muscle’s failure to receive adequate supplies of oxygen. It’s for sure that maintaining one’s arteries and capillaries for easy blood passage is important to optimal health but the fastest way to get oxygen is to breathe. With the help of OXY-CARDIO class the lungs will process the increased oxygen available in the studio and the heart will flush this fresh oxygen received from the lungs in to the whole body.
Hypoxia, or oxygen starvation, over-stimulates the sympathetic nervous system causing heart rate increases and invites eventual cardiac troubles (7).
Low oxygen allows damaged cells to multiply and form growths in our bodies because our cells are oxygen deficient. If the cells in our bodies are rich in oxygen, mutated cells are less able to reproduce. This class is recommended to improve your stamina, strength and power at the same time it has many great health benefits.
At the end of the class you will be tired with a sense of satisfaction.