Aging is a natural phenomenon of our life, but there are ways to look younger, lean and healthy. Our Oxy anti-aging class helps to cleanse the body from inside. This class is so designed with cleansing practices along with a unique series of postures and breathing to refresh the skin cells to make it toned, vibrant and glow. The increased level of oxygen flows into the studio will eventually moves into the body through the series of postures. The practitioners have a privilege to practice breathing with higher oxygen available in the studio. This process of breathing is called OXY-BREATHING. In OXY-ANTI-AGINGproper oxygen breathing leads to the reduction of water retention and changes in skin (6).

The practitioner becomes radiant and glowing after a 20 minute Pranayama (breathing Exercise) for 3 sessions. Much of this radiance and freshness is due to more efficient elimination of toxins and waste plus increased blood flow and oxygen rich blood to the face.

This class is a great help where the oxygenated bloodstream is bound to flow towards the upper body, face and the brain. This anti-aging class is also targeted to improve sleep quality, concentration, headache, breathlessness, grace and shine of the face skin. The practice of Internal cleansing method ‘ JALA-NETI” in this class helps to flush out the toxin and clear the blockages around the nasal cavity to let you feel light and glow. In a very short span of time you can feel your skin and body is being revitalizing and refreshing. The practice of series of specific postures designed to train your body leads to make you feel lean, slim and fit.

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