If you are an early bird person, please do join this session full of freshness of pure air and yoga. Before you go to your office refresh yourself with this exciting session and be energetic through- out the day. It’s a morning and evening session equipped with breathing practices, stretching postures, twisting, mild balancing, basic forward and backward bending poses. The sequence is so smooth and comfortable to practice in the morning time with the fresh oxygen to make your day. If you finished your office after a long tiring day and feel exhausted you must join this class to revitalize your energy and get some fresh air and oxygen.
This class is a pollution-fighter and it will filter your breath and lungs with fresh air and oxygen. Most of the office people may get the less amount of oxygen inside the room and it is also well known that in an A.C room with four-five people breathing is having lesser oxygen as compared to the ventilated room.
It is well observed that nowadays the big cities are mostly polluted. The air pollution has become a major concern. It has a bad effect on children and the elderly as well.
“Smog kills perhaps partly because pollutant particles are so deeply deposited in our airways,” says Anthony Wexler, a professor of mechanical engineering at the University of Delaware.
“As people breathe,” Wexler further explains, “a clump of fine particles called a bolus will rapidly disperse throughout the lungs. At the terminal alveoli – little sacks at the end of each respiratory branch, where oxygen and carbon dioxide trade places with blood – these particles take up water and expand, much like a sponge, because of hydroscopic effects.

Yogis, Researcher’s and scholars suggest strongly that people should develop or initiate some way out to protect from the damage from pollution and give themselves more energy and clarity to make sure that pollution goes away and stays away.
Breathing optimally may help people to cleanse their lungs from pollution and Practicing breathing (Pranayama) and yoga with the higher level of oxygen available and in a clean environment may help to rejuvenate the whole system.