Oxygen and yoga practice together believes to improve the nervous system and specially the memory power.

We are introducing OXY-KIDS class for the kids and teenager ranging from 4years- 12 years to enhance more concentration and to develop skills. This class is a very basic yoga class with music and fun. It’s designed in a very playful manner to create interest among the children while they practicing. The postures and breathing practices are designed in keeping view of their basic need and health.

Oxygen provides life and energy to every cell. When there is insufficient oxygen to support a healthy cell, the cell turns to another source of energy. It upsets the metabolism and causes the manufacture of improper chemicals. Soon the cells become unhealthy and lose their natural immunity. They are open to invasion by viruses, bacteria and various other health problems.

Oxygen is not only a life giver itis also a killer of harmful anaerobic infectious bacteria. These bacteria cannot grow or survive where there are high levels of oxygen. Oxygen kills the harmful bacteria without destroying the aerobic or beneficial bacteria, which are essential for good health. Our modern sedentary life-styles prevent most of us from processing enough oxygen, resulting in a bloodstream depleted of oxygen. Poor eating and drinking habits, air pollution and lack of exercise deprive the cells of oxygen and weaken the immune system.

Our kids also very importantly need to improve the immune power to protect from common diseases. This special class for kids and teenagers help them to improve their immune system to fight with the frequently changing weather and pollution. When the kids practice this class in the oxygen yoga studio, they will be provided the fresh increased oxygen to breath.

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