OXY-Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga helps to alleviate many of the common problems of pregnancy. It improves circulation, which helps prevent constipation, hemorrhoids, varicose veins, leg cramps, and swelling of the ankles. It also prevents back pain by strengthening the muscles that support the back.

Pregnancy often leaves women feeling less energetic, but regular yoga practice and exercise can give her more energy and freshness.

Let’s talk about the breathing for a mother and baby-

During pregnancy, a mother and a baby need more oxygen.  Actually, many people think that the oxygen is just for the baby, but actually, at least half the extra oxygen the mother is taking in is for the placenta.  Certainly, also during pregnancy, the mother’s basic metabolism just gets higher.  During pregnancy, mothers do breathe more.  They in fact breathe more deeply.  They don’t breathe more often, more frequently, just more deeply. 

Actually, strangely enough, despite taking up extra oxygen in her blood, mothers in pregnancy often feel breathless and that’s one of the most common symptoms of pregnancy, is breathlessness strangely enough.

So during pregnancy, mothers will feel more breathless that even though they’re taking up more oxygen, and letting out more carbon dioxide, they do this in part by movement of the diaphragm.  Of course, as the pregnancy gets larger, she would expect there to be less movement in the diaphragm.  The extra oxygen passes through the placenta, is taken up by the placenta, but also by the baby and it transfers quickly over to the baby’s side because the hemoglobin – that is the red cells actually in the baby’s circulation- picks up oxygen much more easily than our own hemoglobin would do.  It binds that oxygen and it releases it into the baby’s circulation.

Proponents of this oxygen “therapy” say it boosts energy levels, increases your endurance during yoga practice, helps you bounce back more quickly from physical exertion, provides relief from stress and pollution, increases your concentration, helps you relax, and eases headaches. You must try our Oxygen yoga for Pregnancy this Sunday to feel the difference and ease, to provide more health and more oxygen to your baby.

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