OXY-YOGA is a unique way of yoga practice that integrates all elements of ancient knowledge and modern science of Yoga uniting the body, mind and soul. In our esteem center you can find the different and effective yoga classes and breathing techniques in the presence of increased level of oxygen. Our Meditation classes bring you the joy of inner peace. We believe inner engineering through yoga may change the whole perspective of thought process of practitioners in a very positive way. When one is in harmony within everything around is blissful and beautiful.
In our center the knowledge and techniques of yoga are taught in a pure, joyful and peaceful environment. These yoga classes help you to gain a good health and shape by improving your body strength and flexibility, calm your mind, regain your concentration and improve will power.
Our OXY-YOGA classes are for all, whether you are beginner or regular practitioner, kids or young and all age groups. We have special classes for kids and old age people who need a therapeutic attention.