Ocean of Learning

Learning doesn’t have to come from books or teachers only.

Everything that surrounds us can be a teacher in itself, we just have to be conscious enough to witness.

To experience or absorb this kind of learning we have to make ourselves more present, so that we don’t just see things as mere objects but a possibility.

Let’s take an example of this ocean!

We see the waves of the ocean, they are in constant motion. Always coming forward going back.A pure representative of dynamism.

This is exactly how are minds are most of the time. We don’t put enough attention to it but it is always thinking of something, maybe past or planning something for future. Hardly in present moment, just like the waves of the ocean.

Being present is diving deeper into the ocean of your being, where only stillness resides. No mind state! Just like the bottom of of the ocean where light cannot reach, where all the senses cease to function.

Just silence.

Another thing we can learn from the ocean is that, what we perceive from our senses isn’t only what exists.

We sit on the beach, what we can see is only waves of the ocean and the horizon, but not the whole ocean.

We can’t interpret the waves as whole ocean, just like we can’t interpret ourselves as our thoughts only. It is a part of us but not the whole. To know the whole, we have to go deeper than the thought waves and explore all that exists beyond our thoughts and conscious mind.

That is just an example of what a view of ocean have to offer in terms of teachings, every tiny to big thing that exists always have something to teach us.

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