Feeding the Negativity

For anything to exist in this world, it needs a source of energy. Like the plants & leaves feed themselves through sunlight. The animals and also homosapiens derive most of their energy from the food eaten.

The same principle applies to our thoughts and feelings as well.

All of us every now and then feel low or sad or unhappy but cannot find the reason as to why we feel that way. Sometimes the feeling can be triggered by the past experiences that we may have had but we start to analyse and contemplate on that more and more.

Now the thoughts and feelings we tried changing have been amplified and that is exactly what the thought wanted. It wanted attention and wanted us to react to it so that we spend our energy for it to feed on. We think our critical analysis of it would get rid of it but instead we were just feeding it more for it to take over us.

We start to find find reasons as to why we feel how we feel by going into our memory and go through the past experiences that made us feel somewhat similar. This helps sometimes but most of the time we just end up creating a chain of negative thoughts and bind them with some experiences.

I wonder how are we supposed to find the answers in the past if the feeling is in the present.

Instead of finding an answer we just pile ourselves up with feelings from the past and present and now the situation is so far away from what we initially wanted from this.

Has it become a little transparent as to what is going on inside?

Our thoughts need our constant attention, our energy to exist. Specifically the negative ones. The pain body within his thrives on pain only. A negative thought exists longer because of another negative that follows. Our analysis as to why we feel that way only gives it more energy/food to not only exist but grow.

So how do we not let it grow?

Instead of fighting the thoughts or feelings and trying to change it through critical analysis of our similar past experiences, it is important that we stay in the present & observe the patterns of our thinking and feelings. If we don’t fight the thoughts but try and understand it, that gives us a better chance at changing how we feel.

Realise what the thought is feeding on and cut the supply. It feeds on our attention, our analysis of past negative memories.

We just need to realise those patterns and not fight it. The best thing to do is to not engage. If we engage then we give it energy. We need to try and accept how we feel and let it be instead of actively trying to change it.

Once we do that, it doesn’t have anything to feed on, it can’t survive much on its own.

So stay present as a detached observer and see how life unfolds & reveals its truth.

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