Aayush Sharma...

Aayush is a student at heart and a teacher by profession. His first encounter with the concept of yoga was at a very young age when his mother read him some ancient texts such as ‘Bhagvad Gita’, ‘Mahabharata’, ‘Ramayana’ as stories. Those stories sparked curiosity in Aayush and introduced him to the practices of yoga. He got so immersed in it that he used to chant mantras out loud on streets as a young child.

Asanas were not a part of Aayush’s life until the age of 13. It is then he started learning Hatha Yoga and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga. He practiced with many different teachers in Rishikesh, India for over a year and went to deeper his understanding of the Ashtanga Vinyasa in Mysore and has been travelling to different parts of India to learn from many great masters.

Aayush’s teaching focuses on finding one’s true nature by exploring different corners of mind and body through practice and cultivating a warrior mindset that enables students to overcome difficulties and grow.

What’s unique about Aayush’s classes is that he can maintain discipline whilst being open to new experiences and bring curiosity within his students to search for their true nature.


I learned & practiced with Aayush during my 200hr teacher training program in March 2021. And I totally believe that I was very fortunate enough to do so. Aayush is a very experienced Yoga teacher & Practitioner. He is very calm, understanding and patient with his students. He always gives his best to deliver the message of yoga to the students. It's under his guidance, I understood the foundations and roots for maintaining my daily practice.
Junpu Kimsing
Aayush is an incredible teacher. He is patient yet encouraging, and has a great eye for detail. He helps beginners find their balance, breath, and strength within, but also pushes his advanced students to a point that everyone excels in his classes no matter their level. His own determination to personally advance in his practice is infectious and encourages his students to succeed inside and outside the shala. I highly recommend Aayush for his vast knowledge, his meticulous skills, amd his positive teaching style.
Elodie Marquis
Aayush is the yoga teacher of the 200 & 300 hours yoga course that I have attended in Nepal in 2022. I cannot express how happy I am to be able to learn from him. He is balanced between being focused and strict of giving best knowledge of yoga and caring and listening to his students. He was able to share his joy of practicing Ashtanga Yoga with us and this resonated with the rest of the group a lot. We waited for Ashtanga Yoga classes every morning with feeling of commitment and openness. He is a person with huge meaning of sharing resistance, patience, happiness - all of this kind of resonates through him.
Malina Malinowska
Aayush is a very professional, authentic and educated Yoga teacher, he is exactly what I hoped my teacher would be. In July 2022 he led me through my yoga teacher training, providing me with the tools to go on to teach whilst allowing me to go deeper into my own practice. He takes his profession very seriously and invites others to engage in the different yogic practices with warmth. Aayush creates a sense of inclusion and accessibility, no question is ever left un-answered and nothing is ever too much to ask. I would highly recommend Aayush to anyone from beginner to experienced to begin or continue their yoga journey with him.
Rebecca Wood