Retreats & Events

Carefully crafted programmes to serve the authenticity of Yoga and explore the beauty of life.

Learn the ancient practices and principles of yoga through movement, breath, energy and edge closer to life and create space for the consciousness to breathe.

The programmes created are simple yet profound with deep meaning embedded within which unfolds as we journey through them to find the truth of what is. 

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Yoga Nidra & Meditations

Audio sessions to declutter and journey inwards guiding the consciousness towards mental clarity, balance & awareness. 

Self-regulation & Relaxation practices that focus on training attention and awareness to bring mental process under great voluntary control and thereby foster calmness, tranquility, concentration, physical, mental & emotional relaxation and overall wellbeing.

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A compilation of thoughts, feelings and whatever meaning or lessons the host (aayush) finds in this beautiful manifestation called life.


” I just love writing and it gives me immense joy to express my thoughts and feelings through words and I want to share what I love with anyone I can.”

– Aayush


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